Chaining is a learning procedure allowing the acquisition of a “chain” of distinct simple behaviors, the succession of which makes it possible to fulfill complex behavior. For example, to “wash your hands”, “turn on the tap” and “take the soap” are two distinct behaviors that can be performed independently, but only their together use allows the complex behavior of “wash your hands”.

There are several types of chaining, the important one being the change in the number of steps mastered in the chaining.

To use ABA-assistant, we offer you a specific module. To do this:

1- Create the program: (If necessary, see the “Create a program” sheet )

  • In program name: the target skill (ex: hand washing)
  • In “Session type”: select” work session “
    For the “Type of measurement”: select “Chaining”
  • Select your group of favorite behaviors/variables/steps if you have one that can suit your chaining, otherwise, let a blank (for “favorite behaviors/variables” see ). If  you don’t have a favorite, you can add them on the “objectives and programs” tab of the folder
  • Name your first phase line (if not necessary, leave nothing)
  • Click on “Create” if you have entered a suitable “favorite behaviors and variables”, your program is ready to be used. If you did not select a “favorite behaviors a variables” or if you need to edit them click on “Create then go to the configuration page”


You just have to follow the results of your procedure and make it evolve according to the data. You can note these changes on your graphs by adding phaselines.