The Behavior Analysis-Based Data Collection and Analysis digital portal.

Created by ABA specialists

Aba-Assistant is a digital portal which results of the work and reflection of specialists in ABA. The assessment of their needs to ensure and improve their interventions allowed the creation of this digital portal.

Data collection

To make the right decisions, you need the right data. Aba-Assistant offers a simple and complete solution to take, display and analyse relevant data.


Available in multiple languages

A complete tool

Which manage all your programs and goals.

Creation of goals and programs

A simple and easy to use system.

Data collection

Make the work of your partners and your team easier.

Document sharing

A dedicated section to share the important elements.

Data analysis and visualization

A powerful and simple tool with many options to help you with your decisions.



A communication space facilitating intra-team communication, as well as remote work.

A large number of possibilities

Aba-Assistant allows you to follow the progress of all your programs and goals.

Continuous measurements

Frequency, duration, ratio, IRT…

Discontinuous measurements


Permanent products

Number, distance, …
endless possibilities.


Available for all types of data.


Monitoring of the progress of a number and percentage of steps acquired.


Facilities to define and communicate on steps and goals.

Global monitoring

Cumulative graph on all the goals.

Monitoring by goal

Cumulative graph for each goal.


Real-time visualization of progress.


A quick and easy system for creating and collecting.


"Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion."

– W. Edwards Deming