Create a program

Enter in the details of your folder

In the “goal and programs” section, click on the “+ Add” in the goal where you want to add your program

Now, you could create your program:

1- the name of the program

2- select “work session” (pre-filled)

3- in the type of measurement, select:

  • Continuous “event”: to enter a number (number of times, discontinuous measurement, etc.)
  • Continuous “full”: to enter a number of times and/or a duration
  • Chaining: for a program allowing you to scroll through the steps

4- select your “favorite behaviors and variables” (see “preferences”) or don’t put anything (editable later)

5- enter the name of the first phase line (editable later)

6- click on “Create”



 Now, you just have to modify it if necessary and/or take your data directly