Create a program

Click on the “+” blue near the name of your goal (1)

Now, you could create your program:

1- the name of the program

2- select “work session”

3-Option « event »: for entering a number (number of time, …)

Option « full » : for entering a number (number of time, …) and/or a duration

4- select your “favorite behaviors and variables” (see “preferences”) or don’t put anything

5- enter the name of the first phase line

Then click on “create then go to the configuration page”, you can then fully configure your program and add what you want to measure by clicking on “+ add a behavior/variable”

Give a name to your measurement (number of times I open the phone, etc.) and start over to add another measurement to this program.

You can come back at any time to modify your program, suspend it, validate it by clicking on the “yellow pencil” next to the name of your program in the “objectives and programs” page of your folder.


 Now, you just have to take your data