Create a “favorite behaviors/variables” group

To save time when creating your programs, ABA-assistant offers you to create groups of “Favorite behaviors and variables”.

These groups allow you to save time when creating your program. By selecting your favorite group when creating the program, your behaviors/variables will be automatically filled in (you will always be able to modify, add, remove them …).

To do this, simply create in “Preferences” groups of “behaviors/variables” that you use regularly.

To create a group of “Favorite behaviors and variables”:

1- Go to “Preferences”

2- Click on “Favorite behaviors and variables”

You can then create your group:

3- Click on “+ New group”


Name your group (ex: Prompt, yes/no…)

You can then add your behaviors/variables, for that, you must click on the blue “+” to the right of the name of your group (4)

You can then name your first behavior/variable, then start over to add the next one, and so on having completed your desired group of behaviors/variables.

You can, if necessary, modify the name (yellow pencil), modify the order of your behaviors/variables by clicking on the blue arrows (order of appearance on the datasheet) or delete them (red bins).


You can now use it in your programs