Interval recording measurement

An interval recording is a measurement system facilitating the taking of data during an intervention …

There are several types of interval recording measurement. However, the relevant data for all these systems is the percentage “intervals validated” and the percentage “intervals not validated”.

For this type of program in ABA-assistant, by noting only the intervals validated and not validated, you will have access:

  • number of intervals validated and non-validated
  • percentage of intervals validated and non-validated

To use ABA-assistant, we offer:

1-Create the program: (If necessary, see the sheet “Create a program”

In “Program name”: the target behavior (eg.: cry), the type of interval (PIR, WIR, MTS …) (you can also enter your interval duration or use the phase lines if you want to shape the duration)

For “Session type”: select “Work session”

For the “Type of measurement”: select “Continuous (event)”

Select your group of favorite behaviors/variables if you have one that can suit your chain, otherwise leave nothing (for “favorite behaviors/variables see You can add them on the “objectives and programs” tab of the folder if you don’t have a favorite.

If necessary, create your first phase (see the “Create a program” sheet) with the duration of the interval

For Interval recording, we recommend:

  • Validated
  • Unvalidated


You just have to follow the results of your procedure and make it evolve according to the data. You can note the changes in your program on your graphs by adding phase lines.