Frequency is a basic measure in ABA.
It makes it possible to follow the evolution of the number of occurrences of a target behavior or of several.

By defining a program taking only the frequency in ABA-assistant, you will have access:

  • frequency
  • emission percentage (if you entered more than one target behavior)
  • ratio per minute
  • ratio per hour
  • estimated average IRT in minutes
  • estimated average IRT in hours

To use ABA-assistant, we offer:

1-Create the program: (If necessary, see the sheet “Create a program” )

2-In program name: the target behavior

3-In “Session type”: select “Work session”

4-For the “Type of measurement”: select “Continuous (event)”

5-Select your group of favorite behaviors/variables if you have one that can suit your chain, otherwise leave nothing (for “favorite behaviors/variables see )(you can add them on the “Goals and programs” tab of the folder)

6-If necessary to create your first phase (see the sheet “Create a program”)


You just have to follow the results of your procedure and make it evolve according to the data. You will be able to note these changes on your graphs thanks to the addition of phases.