A shaping is a learning procedure allowing the acquisition of a behavior by the differential reinforcement of approximation closer and closer to the target behavior.

To use ABA-assistant, we offer:

1-Create the program: (If necessary, see the sheet “Create a program” )

  • In “Program name”: the target skill (eg: “repeat the word balloon”)
  • In “Session type”: select “work session”
  • For the “Type of measurement”: select “Continuous (event)” (select “continuous (full)” if you wish to shape the duration of the behavior)

On the configuration page (if you haven’t created it on the previous page):

-Create your first phase line (see the sheet “Create a program”) this one corresponding to your first approximation to be reinforced (ex: “b”)

-Create your “Behaviors/Variables”, we offer you as follows:

  • Alone
  • Prompted (you can create several “Behaviors/Variables” by differentiating between the types of prompt)
  • Unrealized



You just have to follow the results of your procedure and make it evolve according to the data. You will be able to note these evolutions on your graphs thanks to the addition of phases to propose the next approximation of the target behavior.