By the forum

ABA-assistant offers several solutions to communicate more simply.

One of these solutions, available to professionals, is the use of the general forum of the folder and program-specific forums.

To use the general forum of the folder, you must go to the “Forum (staff)” tab. You arrive directly on the general forum which allows you to exchange various information about the folder.

To post a new message, all you have to do is click on the blue “Message” button, then compose and post it.

The specific forums allow the exchange of information directly related to the program (the program, reinforcers, questions from technicians, etc.)

To use a specific forum, two options:

1- Go to the “Forum (staff)” tab. You arrive directly on the general forum. You can then choose the specific forum of the desired program by clicking on “Forum channel”.

2- Directly from the “Goals and programs” tab by clicking on the blue bubble of the corresponding program


An easy and fast communication